Training Services for K9 Dogs, Service Dogs, Family Dogs & More

With proper training, a dog can be an asset to its owner, its family, a business or facility, or even a whole community. Our award-winning experts at Ultimate Canine have over 27 years of experience in preparing dogs for the role they will play, whatever that role may be. Therefore, we provide the best training for all types of dogs: from obedient, well-mannered family dogs to diligent, reliable service dogs; from comforting emotional support dogs and companion dogs to highly trained elite K9 dogs and police dogs that protect the citizens.

Some of the types of dogs we train include family pets, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, diabetic alert dogs, autism service dogs, service dogs for veterans, and so much more. To find out more about the specific dog training classes and training programs we offer, see the following pages:

Other Training Services

We also offer temperament testing for dogs and puppies of all ages and breeds. This service can be useful for families, breeders, and therapy dog or service dog handlers as they evaluate and select dogs for purchase, breeding, or training. See our Litter Evaluations & Temperament Testing page to find out more about how we can help you find the best dog for your specific requirements.

We provide training and certifications for handlers of therapy, service, and police dogs. You can read more about these services on our Training and Certifications page.

In addition to our regular training, we also offer ongoing monthly training classes and annual certifications for working police dogs. You can find more information about these programs on our Police Dogs page.