Expert Dog Training Classes and Support

Ultimate Canine has been offering customized dog training and associated services over 27 years. We are award-winning experts in dog behavior and training for puppies and dogs.

Ultimate Canine is:

  • State Certified Training Provider for Law Enforcement Officers and Support Personnel
  • Member of American Working Dog Association
  • Member of American Pet Dog Trainers Association
  • American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • National Partner and Training Provider for Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Dogs
  • IPLA Licensed and DEA Certified

Ultimate Canine is proud to partner with the Working Canine Foundation. You can now Donate towards a service dog or a police K9 or become a sponsor.

Customized Dog Training

Our dog training classes and programs meet a variety of needs. From basic obedience training for family and companion dogs to more advanced training for therapy dogs, service dogs, and police dogs, we have a program that will fit your needs and prepare a dog to perform needed services or just to be a reliable pet. To learn more about these specific programs, please visit our Family Dogs, Companion Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, and Police Dogs pages.

Dogs for Purchase or Hire

We also have fully trained dogs available for sale. To see a gallery of our current list of available dogs, please visit our Dogs for Sale page. However, not all dogs are listed on the page. Contact us directly for more information at (317) 443-6019.

In addition, we have dogs that we offer for hire in specific situations requiring their services. To see more about this service, see our Dogs for Hire page.

Helpful Services

Training can do a lot, but it can not change the basic nature of an animal. If you are considering the purchase or adoption of a puppy or dog, we can do a litter evaluation for you or help you choose the right dog for your family or your needs. Visit our Litter Evaluations & Temperament Testing page to learn more.

We have also compiled a list of products we use and recommend. Visit our Recommended Products page to see a list of products that have our stamp of approval.

Julie Case, Owner/Director of Training

Julie Case started Ultimate Canine LLC in 2012, but she has been training dogs for over 27 years. In fact, she was born into a family of dog trainers with parents who raised, trained, and competed with dogs in Europe and Russia. Julie began competing with dogs, showing and training them, at age 14. At age 16, she began her professional career as a Canine Trainer and Handler in obedience, protection and conformation. Julie continued her training career while attending Novosibirsk State University and established her own breeding and training programs at age 19. She continued to develop and refine her dog training abilities while serving in various roles in the dog training industry. Before starting Ultimate Canine, Julie served as the Head Trainer and Director of Training and Manager for the K-9 CAMP Training School. During her career, Julie has received numerous awards competing with her dogs all around the world. Throughout the years, Julie has placed 1st overall dozens of times and won many categories with her dogs at International Annual Police Working Dog K9 Olympics. She is also recognized as a leader and an expert within the dog training industry; therefore, she is often asked to speak and teach at local and national courses and seminars. Julie serves her community by conducting demonstrations and educational speeches at schools, conferences, various public events, working with local fire and police departments, and providing training and rehabilitation for “unadoptable” dogs at local humane societies and shelters. Coming to the United States in 2001, Julie became a citizen in 2008. For more detailed information about Julie’s skills, achievements, and awards, please read her resume.