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Ultimate Canine offers specially trained and certified service dogs for children, adults, and veterans with various disabilities. We also offer facility dogs for professionals working in healthcare, visitation, rehabilitation and education systems. Ultimate Canine uses hypoallergenic non-shedding Australian Labradoodles and English Labradors. Occasionally we have other breeds on request as well.

During our extensive specialized training, dogs are prepared to perform a variety of tasks and assist the individuals with their needs. The cost of these dogs can be quite an investment, and the wait is 6 to 24 months.

Please note that the cost of our Service Dogs starts at $25,000 and up. If you are not financially able to cover this expense, please research and reach out to appropriate Foundations around the country, that provide financial aids to patients like yourself.

Please scroll below to learn about the types of service dogs we offer.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Not all disabilities are visible. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, social skill disorder, sensory overload in public, panic attacks, nightmares, learning disorders, Autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and many others can be difficult to live with. We prepare service dogs to help ease these psychiatric and emotional conditions and allow the individuals to live a more balanced life. These dogs are trained to interrupt anxieties, support and quickly calm the handler down in stressful situations, provide space from others, keep the handler focused, relieve tension, and perform many other tasks.

Psychiatric and emotional support service dogs take a minimum of 6 months to prepare, and all handlers must complete our handlers’ training course and certifications at the end.

Service Dogs for Veterans

Many members of the military return home from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injuries, nightmares, depression, anxiety, physical injuries, and other disabilities that forever alter their lives.

Our service dogs are specially trained to help veterans transition back to civilian life and regain their emotional balance, confidence, and independence. They interrupt anxiety and nightmares, support and quickly calm the handler down in public situations, provide space from others, keep the handler focused on the present, relieve tension and stress, and perform many other tasks. Beyond these tasks, our dogs provide much needed love, loyalty, and companionship to their partners.

Hearing Aid Service Dogs

Our hearing service dogs alert their partners to the sounds of a doorbell, alarm clock, smoke alarm, and the handler’s name being called. Hearing aid dogs provide their handlers with the feeling of safety, independence, and comfort in their every day lives.

All handlers are provided with our handlers’ training course upon receiving of their service dog. Below are some examples of training sessions for our hearing service puppies.

Balance and Mobility Service Dogs

Mobility and balance service dogs are trained to assist those with balance issues, mobility limitations, persons prone to falling, and individuals using wheelchairs. These dogs are trained to help with daily tasks and allow people live their lives more independently.

These dogs are trained to perform various tasks like picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors, pushing buttons for automatic doors, opening and closing drawers and refrigerator door, retrieving a cane, a phone, or a bottle of water, pulling wheelchairs, pulling a laundry basket, helping maintain balance during walking, helping get up off the couch or off the ground, helping with walking up and down the stairs and over curbs, providing space for the handler in crowded places, etc.

The list of tasks is developed to meet the needs of each individual in need. All handlers are provided with our handlers’ training course upon receiving of their service dog. Here are some videos of our mobility service dogs in training or already working in real life:

Medical Alert Service Dogs

We provide medical alert service dogs such as diabetes alert dogs, seizure alert dogs, sleep apnea alert dogs etc. We also prepare dogs for those with rapid heart rate and blood pressure changes and metabolic disorders.

For those with severe allergies to certain foods or chemicals, we prepare Detection and Alert Service Dogs.

Whether you suffer from one of these conditions yourself or have a child with such conditions, a medical alert dog can be a life saver and an extra set of eyes and ears, who is trained to detect when danger is imminent and an alert is needed immediately.

All handlers are provided with our handlers’ training course upon receiving of their dog. Children must be 6 years old or older to be considered for a service dog (some exceptions may apply). All diabetic alert dogs are trained on “live” samples of the future handler.

Below are some of our alert dogs in action and in training:

Autism Service Dogs

For children with Autism, we prepare Autism Support Service dogs. These dogs are specially trained to calm the child down quickly in the event of sensory or emotional overload, to interrupt certain behaviors, to comfort and soothe the child when tension arises, to help develop fine motor skills and social skills etc.

For children with Flight Risk, we prepare Safety Dogs that are trained to prevent children from bolting onto the street, running from parents, help hold a child in place during public outings, block the child from going in the direction of potential danger, shield and protect the child, etc.


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